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Our Luxury Carpet Collections
Places, moods, feelings, sights, moments, emotions, stories - every carpet collection has
been inspired by our experiences at home, on our travels and in our imaginations.

Type: Super soft cut pile
Yarn: Teksilk
Slip off your shoes and step inside the royal Italian house.
A place of opulence, style and luxury.
Where soft, sensual colours soothe the soul and
gentle music drifts through the corridors. Benvenuto
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
Lights down. Curtain up.
Lose yourself in the razzmatazz of a West End Show,
complete with romantic tristes, big, bold hits and
dazzling showstoppers.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
As the sun sets over the houses, a guitarist strums
a gentle serenade beneath the balcony.
Shadows lengthen. The colours of dusk appear.
Explore a collection so soft you'll feel like you're walking on air.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
Crowds gather. Horses whinny and riders prepare.
The light starts to fade and Siena's world famous Pallio begins.
Get swept away in the pageantry and passion, with neutral hues
inspired by an electric atmosphere/
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