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Our Luxury Carpet Collections
Places, moods, feelings, sights, moments, emotions, stories - every carpet collection has
been inspired by our experiences at home, on our travels and in our imaginations.

Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Manhattan Collection
The heart of Manhattans financial district and also
the home to some of the greatest cocktail bars around the world.
This carpet has a thick and luxurious pile which is
Silky smooth but yet big & bold.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Manhattan Collection
The theatrical productions in Manhattans Broadway
are known as the best in the world and when the silky curtain rises..
You find yourself sinking into the stylishness that surrounds you.

ITS SHOWTIME! And all that Jazz..
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Manhattan Collection
Times Square by night is one of the greatest
and most glamorous sights in the centre of Manhattan.
Dazzling lights shine upon the thousands of people who visit every day.
Energetic & Pulsating with character.
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Type: Tufted chunky loop pile
Yarn: Wool Mix
If you stand on top of Aspen mountain
in Colorado you can't help but feel a sense
of wonder. This collection is inspired
from the long two toned contours that
run all the way down to the bottom
of this magnificent site.
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