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Why Choose a Wool Carpet?

Wool is well known for its superior quality and durability. This naturally tough yarn is commonly used in its pure form for loop pile carpets, or in a blend with synthetic fibres. New Zealand sheep are world-renowned for producing the finest quality fleece. At Elements London, we are proud to source our wool yarns from Wools of New Zealand: a 100 per cent grower-owned company purposed with promoting and supplying this ethical and sustainable natural fibre.

Heat and sound insulating
The natural, overlapping composition of wool fibre means that it’s a great insulator. Not only does it prevent heat loss in the winter, the layered construction also prevents rising heat through the floor in summer, ensuring that rooms stay cool. The very same science also means that wool carpet is great at absorbing sound, and as a result will significantly reduce any underfoot noise and echoing in a larger room.

Durable and hardwearing
In comparison to cut-pile nylon or polypropylene carpets, which offer a soft, ‘crushed’ texture, wool’s tough and rigid structure means that carpets made from this material are less likely to lose their pile height and pattern. When vacuumed or walked over, the surface will resist track marks and shading. All of these benefits make a wool carpet ideal for high footfall areas such as hallways, stairs and landings.

Wool is fire-resistant
You may not know it, but wool is actually fire resistant. Whilst all modern carpets are designed and rigorously tested to resist ignition, wool fibres have an extremely low natural ignition rate. This is due to a combination of its organic waxy coating and water-retentive structure, which also serves to resist soiling and superficial stains.

Hypoallergenic properties
If you suffer from hay fever and allergies, interior fabrics and textiles can wreak havoc with your senses. Wool is hypoallergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria. The yarn fibres naturally hold on to the fine dust particles, which means that they’re not floating in the home’s atmosphere. Wool fibres will also naturally absorb humidity in the air, and release it back when the air becomes dry.

Eco credentials
Wool is one of the most eco-friendly, natural fibres available. Shearing is essential for a sheep’s welfare, and a fresh supply of wool available every 9 – 12 months makes it a completely renewable source. Our New Zealand wool sheep graze freely, and are renowned for producing the best carpet wools in the world. The woolgrowers take special care to cultivate the perfect fibre for the product it is destined for, in this case, luxury textile floorcoverings. Wools of New Zealand is also signed up to the Laneve integrity program, which ensures excellence in land management, animal welfare and social responsibility.

Design choice
Wool carpets are truly beautiful in appearance. Our range of elegant and hardwearing 100 per cent wool carpets is available in a breadth of colours, from cool greys and oatmeal hues, to warmer shades of stone. Each of the carpets features a tufted loop pile design; this traditional style refers to continuous, un-cut yarns that have been looped into the carpet backing. As the fibres have not been sheared and exposed, they form a tighter appearance compared to that of a cut pile. This structured allows for greater flexibility in design, whereby the loops can be set at different heights and in different directions to form patterns.

Experience the beauty of natural wool carpets for yourself. Order your four free samples today.