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It’s oh so quiet….

Luxury Carpets Warm Quiet
Although we know that wooden flooring remains a popular choice for homeowners, linoleum and vinyl are apparently making a comeback!

But what about carpet?

Well, there’s something about carpet trends, with its cosy chic and its plush underfoot feeling that wood and linoleum just can’t compete with.

With WFH (working from home) and Hybrid working looking like they will be the norm for the foreseeable future, comfort and colour have become increasingly important as being chic.

So, if you are planning on having carpeting, what are the advantages it can give you? Apart from the fact that carpet, with its wide selection of colours, can complement any interior?

Here are some of the key reasons for using carpeting in your home.

Shock absorbing - the flexibility and cushioning of carpet means it’s easier on the body when standing or walking.
Style - Carpet has a style all of its own! From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfy.

Warmth - Carpet provides great insulation. So it can reduce energy costs.

Health - Studies have shown that carpet is more beneficial than hard surfaces for people with breathing issues.

Safety - If you fall, a carpet provides a soft landing. But it also prevents slips in the first place. Especially on stairs.

Quiet - Carpet absorbs sound far more effectively than hard surfaces.

Feel what quiet looks like!

If carpet is ticking all your boxes, then click here to see all our luxury carpet collections. I’m sure you’ll find the right colour and feel combination you are looking for.

And if you need any samples then you can order them here.