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Is carpet on trend?

Fashion Blog
Over the years we have heard a fair number of negative comments about carpet. It's environmental impact and comments like "carpets may discolour". Or, in the case of wall-to-wall carpeting, that it can hurt the design of a room as it "takes over" the space.

However, we've recently noticed a lot more positive feedback about the use of carpet in homes.

Especially in bedrooms where it can lift comfort levels, adding warmth in winter, and has the added benefit of sound absorption.

It also offers another canvas to bring in an accent colour. And it can also blend well with a room, adding continuity.

A beautiful, neutral carpet is always a good option for a room where you might want to create a cosier, softer atmosphere.

Although most people revert to bedrooms for carpet, and that's a great choice, it's also great for sitting rooms, reception areas, corridors, stairs and slightly more intimate spaces where it can create a plusher feel.
And rugs are also a wonderful alternative to carpet when you're looking to add comfort and texture to a space.

So, it seems that far from carpet being out of style, there's still a place for carpet. Though gone are the gaudy patterns and colours of old. The new look is more discreet, grown-up and sophisticated. And according to the experts, carpets can be luxurious and transformative.

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