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Our Luxury Carpet Collections
Places, moods, feelings, sights, moments, emotions, stories - every carpet collection has
been inspired by our experiences at home, on our travels and in our imaginations.

Silkresse is a unique fusion of neutral colours combined with the soft and silky velour look of our Teksilk collections. This luxury interior design carpet is Suitable for home, office, hotels,super yachts,  and all other domestic and commercial areas.
Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Luxury Teksilk Carpet
Spices, Jewels, precious metals and silk.
On the ancient Silk Road, there was one thing prized above all others.
A yarn so soft, so sumptuous that it was worth trekking hundreds of
miles for. Deeply luxurious, this collection is one to revere, too.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Luxury Teksilk Carpet
Softness with Strength. The lyrical with the powerful. Beauty, with bass.
Like a world class orchestra tuning up before a concert, our Symphony collection is all about balance and harmony.
A masterpiece from the first note to the final chord.
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Teksilk Symphony Sheen Velvet is a modern, stylish and silky soft luxury carpet with a silken velvet touch that is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and stairs
Teksilk Synergy is a modern, stylish, colourful and silky soft luxury carpet that is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and stairs
Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Luxury Teksilk Carpet
It's Fashion Week in London and you've got a front-row seat.
A kaleidoscope of colours swish by - big, bright and bold.
Cool contrasts. Intense moods. The future of design, close enough
to touch. Do you dare?
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: NEW Manhattan Carpet Collection
Times Square by night is one of the greatest
and most glamorous sights in the centre of Manhattan.
Dazzling lights shine upon the thousands of people who visit every day.
Energetic & Pulsating with character.
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The luxury Manhattan carpet collection has a wonderful Sheen Velvet Effect available in 7 colours that offers a luxurious silken and sumptuous underfoot feeling. Suitable for domestic and commercial use. have a glass of chablis and sink into luxury