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Our Luxury Carpet Collections
Places, moods, feelings, sights, moments, emotions, stories - every carpet collection has
been inspired by our experiences at home, on our travels and in our imaginations.

Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool Mix
Capri, a small island located on the Tyrrhenian sea
is one of pure tranquil and beauty. The inspiration
of colours and design have been taken from the
picturesque wonders of this fabulous and
mysterious island.
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Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool
Enigma is a mysterious blend of colours
reflecting some of the unexplained wonders of the world.
From the neutral tones of Stonehenge to the
vibrant colours of the Barrier Reef this carpet
collection promises to whisk you away to paradise
and beyond.
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Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool
The colourful Cuban capital of Havana is a brilliantly contradictory city that pulsates with life and is like no other place on earth.
Our inspiration of this 100% wool loop carpet comes from Havana’s old town whilst strutting along sun-drenched cobblestone streets as sultry salsa music plays in the background.
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Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool
Kansas is one of the most productive agricultural states in America, which produces high yields of wheat and corn.
This soft and durable wool loop carpet, with its entwined linear effect, takes its inspirations from the fields in which these harvest.
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