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Why you should always use a professional carpet fitter.

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There are many things to consider when redecorating your home and you’ll need to start planning from the ground up. We’ve put together some useful information to let you know why you shouldn’t cut corners and should always use a professional carpet fitter when installing your floor covering…

It’s really important to always lay your carpets using a professional’s expertise as it takes years of experience to perfect the skills and knowledge needed to lay a carpet that a typical homeowner wouldn’t have.

Using a carpet expert will save you time and money. They know the exact amount of material needed for your space, saving on costs by not leaving unnecessary excess margins. They’re also highly skilled in their profession and can utilise carpet efficiently by effectively joining pieces of carpet for stairs and hallways from the waste from another room, ensuring you get the most for your money.

If your room is larger than a roll of carpet, your carpet fitter’s years of knowledge will prove invaluable; they’ll be able to ensure the finish of your room is completely seamless and smooth. Professional fitters will use specialist heating irons and joinery tools, only available for the trade, along with carpet glue to carefully match up pieces. This is a highly skilled process as cutting precision is essential for a seamless join.

Preparing a carpet for installation is extremely important. It involves a multitude of skills, including kicking out the carpet, to ensure air bubbles are eradicated, along with laying sharp gripper rods in the correct widths around your room. The depth of the gap that needs to be left is determined by the pile height of the carpet, which is stretched using specialist tools and bolstered to the gripper rods, removing any air pockets for a final time before it is sealed to the floor. This takes an immense amount of skill to ensure a flat, tidy and elegant surface. Carpet fitters will also be able to ensure neat and secure door joins by utilising their specialist equipment and skills.

Along with skilled fitting techniques, a professional will have the knowledge of carrying carpets correctly. Carpets can be extremely heavy and will require more than one person to lift and manoeuvre around tight spaces, taking care to avoid damaging walls or ornaments lying around.

Finally, a professional carpet fitter will be able to give you expert advice on how to care for your carpet so you can enjoy a sumptuous and beautiful floor covering for years to come.

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