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Iconic London – The Barbican Centre

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Situated within the square mile of the City of London sits an iconic structure that is made up of brutalist architecture & charismatic values. The Barbican Centre, opened in 1982 by Her Majesty the Queen, is London’s cultural centre for performing arts and you can see many live acts from classical music to alternative theatre.

You cannot help but feel a sense of warmth & peace as you walk through the double glass doors of this wonderful building which displays a glorious opening lobby surrounded by large staircases with brass banisters running down each side.

It is the sort of place that you could take a book to and get lost inside whatever story you are reading. Its like a place that has no concept of time and before you know it you have been there for a good few hours without realising.

The centre also houses a library, Three restaurants and the second largest conservatory in London which houses some amazing tropical plants.
Surrounding the Barbican Centre is a purpose built estate which screams post war architecture. You can barely hear a pin drop as you drift through the maze of endless walkways on a Saturday afternoon.

You can stumble upon old roman ruins and the fascinating museum of London which houses an historic timeline of events that changed the city as we know it. The history of the great fire of London of 1666 can be seen here which is a worthy reason to attend.

There is also a stunning water feature in the centre of the grounds overlooking St Giles without Cripplegate Church which has stood there since 1394.

If you are looking for a quiet place to visit on a weekend then I would certainly recommend the Barbican Centre.

I find it hard to believe that the Barbican Centre was voted London’s ugliest building back in 2003 as it is certainly one of my favourite spots to just lose myself in.

Blog by - Gregory Powley-Lynch