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Roma Hessian 3

This quick maintenance guide below will help you get the most out of your wool carpet and to help ensure satisfaction in years to come.


It is extremely important for the lifespan of your wool carpet to vacuum on a regular basis (at least once a week) We strongly recommend using an upright rotary brush hoover with a soft brush attachment like the SEBO X7 or SEBO Airbelt E However, a soft brush can be purchased as an additional attachment to most upright vacuums. We strongly advise not to use a suction or hard brushed vacuum for this product as this can distract the fibres and cause fluffing which would need to be professionally removed.


Spillages can happen, whether it being a rushed cup of coffee in the morning or that relaxing glass of wine in the evening. We have outlined some basic tips below to help with stain removal, but for tougher stains we would always recommend the use of a professional carpet cleaner.

STEP 1:Place a clean and dry white cotton cloth directly over the stain and apply pressure to bring the infected area up through the carpet pile and into the cloth. If there is more moisture in the pile then repeat again with another clean white cotton cloth until all of the moisture has been absorbed out of the carpet.

STEP 2: Immediately moisten a cotton cloth with clean cold water and wring out completely so that the cloth is slightly damp. Place the damp cloth directly over the stain without peaking and continue to apply pressure to the infected area. Make sure you do not rub the cloth at anytime over the carpet as this will cause the fibres to shed and may cause permanent damage to your carpet.

STEP 3: Repeat the same as step 1 with a dry and clean cotton cloth to bring the moisture back out of the carpet. If the stain remains after drying then please call a professional carpet cleaner for advice. Please note that at no time should you use any form detergents or soaps and should only use clean cool water.


We strongly advise against trying to tackle persistent stains without the use of a professional carpet cleaner. If you need further advise regarding any of the maintenance for your carpet then please feel free to call the advice team at Elements London on 020 7394 5016 who will be more than happy to assist you.