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How do you feel about colour?

Colour psychology is a powerful tool used by interior designers. Because colour, arguably, has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor.

For instance, we feel more energised after stepping foot into a vivid red room scheme. And when in a beautifully neutral living space we experience a greater level of tranquillity.

Using colour can create an intense experience for people when they walk into a colourful room.

And colours can elicit a multitude of emotions because there is such a powerful connection between colour and emotions. Anything from relaxation to passion.
Giving you a wide colour palette

At Elements London we have over 130 different colour combinations across our 21 luxury carpet collections. Inspired by architecture, art, cities, culture, interiors, lifestyle; our influences are eclectic, many and varied. Our range of luxurious carpets is uniquely designed so every collection has its own unique story and colours.

To view all our colour combinations and carpet styles (from 100% wool carpets to our faux silk range) click here. And If you would like to get any samples of our carpets, then you can order them here. And we will get them to you within 48 hours.