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Does it sometimes feel like you’re sitting outside? When you’re not!

Man On Chair Luxury Wool Blend Carpet
We are all aware that we are in the middle of an energy crisis, so without turning off all the heating, is carpet really going to help make a home warmer?

Although hardwood flooring can feel nice and cool in the summer, when it comes to winter, carpeting is hard to beat for making a home feel cosy and warm.

Insulation is the key

I’m sure you’re aware of the value of roof insulation, but you might be surprised that up to 20% of a home’s heat loss is accounted for by un-insulated floors. And, as good carpeting is made of fibres that have a low conductivity rate, it makes for great insulation. So, although carpet may not create warmth, it definitely helps retain heat.

In addition to its insulation qualities the surface pile of carpet, with its millions of tiny fibres, traps air and further increases its thermal insulation. Carpeting also provide a physical barrier between the floor structure and the heat in a home. In fact, research by Wools of New Zealand found that carpet provides around 10 times more insulation than hard floor coverings.
Cosy underfoot

As carpet doesn’t transfer energy as heat well, even at low temperatures carpet feels warm underfoot. This really helps to keep a home cosy and it doesn’t require as much heating to make sure a house stays comfy.

Maximising the warmth

In general, the thicker the carpet the more heat retention you get. Also, making sure there is a good underlay will increase the amount of insulation and that feeling of warmth and comfort when walked on. And to really minimise the heat loss in an area then wall-to-wall carpeting is best.

The type of carpeting you use can also make a real difference. Wool carpets are great for maintaining the warmth in a room.

So, if you want to keep in the heat this winter - to feel warmer, cosier and to lower costs - then carpet is a fabulous choice.

Carpet shown is Verdi Autumn Leaf, from our wool blend collection.