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We’ve imagined a range of luxury carpets that seamlessly combine stunning design with
modern spirit and a vibrant range of colours that you won’t find anywhere else. We have
curated a range that evoke the latest in colour and interior fashion. A space for luxury.
Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool Mix
An opera can engage many feelings amongst
the watching audiences and Giuseppe Verdi was
great at captivating these with his magnificently
composed works of art. Our inspiration comes
from some of the feelings we were left with after
watching some of these amazing operatic
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Type: Tufted Loop Pile
Yarn: Wool Mix
Antonio Vivaldi was one of the most influential
classical composers known throughout the world.
This collection has taken the inspiration from the
memorising of The Four Seasons. Entwined with
ever changing characteristic loops but engrossed
with consistency and elegance.
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