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We’ve imagined a range of luxury carpets that seamlessly combine stunning design with
modern spirit and a vibrant range of colours that you won’t find anywhere else. We have
curated a range that evoke the latest in colour and interior fashion. A space for luxury.
Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
Like a mesmerizing West End Show, Scenario
dazzles with a delightful silky feel that oozes
class. And the star of the performance is the
innovative Antron fibre with its bristling
luxurious touch and linear effect, leaving
you wanting an encore.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
Serenade is a modern ensemble of evening
colours inspired by a musical performance outside
a window of love. With a soft velvety feel which
cushions the foot, Serenade makes you feel as
though you are walking on air.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
The Polio di Siena is a horse race that is held
twice each year in Siena, Italy. These highly
desirable and neutral colours ore inspired from
the horses and riders of this prestigious and
colourful race around the Piazza del Campo.
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Type: Luxury velour
Yarn: Teksilk
This fine, sumptuous carpet and its colours are
Inspired by the Silk Road, an ancient network that
was for centuries transporting exotic luxury silk
from East to West. This long lasting carpet is the
perfect companion, So take off your shoes and
let the luscious, soft fibres whisk you away into
a world luxury.
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